Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Yellowhammers again

I, too have had sighting today (22/06/09). As far as I could see it was pale blue over orange, red over metal. Pale blue could also be white. PORM is a male, WORM is a female. There is a male song post in tree at top right corner of Upper Dickholme (next to lane and dead tree) - not far from Kestrels (who were peering out of box today). The colour-ringed bird was in the tree alarm calling and there seems to be pair there carrying invertebrates but both were very yellow (so it's either a boundary between two territories or the female is getting old!). I shall return and try to read colour combination again and figure out who's who.

Two ringed birds have made it over the road and are breeding at Stubbins Lane (both metal ringed only) Female left leg, male right. They were feeding chick(s) on Friday (I could hear chicks and could see where the parents were going but I couldn't find the nest). I wondered if chicks had left nest but were still being fed. Went back today briefly but all was quiet. Party of three yellowhammers flying around.

According to the records, Rory's bird is a female ringed by Rory on 15 February 09 and retrapped on 4 March 09.

Have found plenty of territories and several pairs. No nests as yet. I am finding that yellowhammers are very shy and if they think you are looking they just sit in a hedge alarm calling and fly off and disappear as soon as your back is turned!. My arms bear witness to fruitless rummaging in hedge bottoms. I think I am more allergic than the average person to nettle stings!

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