Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ringing Demo at Attenborough Migration Day

Notts Wildlife Trust put on a migration day once a year at Attenborough and various activities are on offer including us doing a ringing demonstration.

Well, we did our bit, though not sure the birds did. More of a Waiting Demo really. We put up a single 40' net a little way beyond the feeders behind the Visitors' Centre and quickly caught a handful of Tree Sparrows and the people present at the time were very appreciative. However, it kept trying to rain, the wind got steadily stronger and the net caught an increasing number of leaves and a decreasing number of birds.

You can imagine how we felt when the inevitable text came through from Kev in Spain, listing some of the things they were catching... Bluethroats, Zitting Cisticolas, Penduline Tits, Subalpine Warblers...

Anyway, by 3pm the wind was just too strong and we threw in the towel. The first Redwings are in though and Gary reported very strong passage throughout the night last night. I had both Redwing and House Martin in the sky simultaneously at breakfast this morning which was an unusual sight.


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