Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bleak weekend

Well it was never going to be a record-breaking weekend for ringing, but the forecast did keep us guessing a bit. In the end we cancelled Brack and considering there is no shelter there, this was probably just as well. Although much of the morning was dry, the few localised downpours were fairly violent.
Kev and gang did head out to RCP and the start was delayed by rain, and then a mid-morning furl was required as well. About 20 birds were ringed.
It was perhaps Mick, who stayed at home, who had the most to report. He managed to open a net between showers and the first drama was when a Sparrowhawk bounced! He also caught a young Goldfinch still in post-juvenile moult. This species's breeding season just seems to go on and on...

Finally, he caught a couple of Collared Doves.

Let's hope the weather is kinder next weekend.

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