Sunday, 10 January 2010

RCP, Sun 10 Jan

We had a decent session at RCP this morning. We were careful to check the birds for any signs that the hard weather was having an adverse affect on them but all seemed ok. We ended up with 85 birds caught, about half of them retraps. The weather seems to have brought the Blackbirds in here too and we caught 19, we had previously ringed only 5 this winter at RCP. The weights ranged from 97.7 to 124.7 (fat 5), most being over 105. We caught another Lesser Redpoll, 2 Song Thrushes and 9 Yellowhammers, 8 of which were retraps with 7 of them being from previous winters. I can't remember catching so many retrap Yellowhammers before, I wonder if the breeding season locally was poor? We decided to finish slightly early as we were starting to catch birds for the second time, just as well as the light snow showers we had been having all morning suddenly turned to persistent sleet as we left.

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