Monday, 15 February 2010

Attenborough Ringing Demo, Sun 14 Feb

A still morning bode well for the exposed peninsular that is the site of the Attenborough Nature Centre and our ringing demo. We had the net set for 1030h ready for the first wave of visitors at 1100h. The first catch produced 8 birds, from then on we caught steadily in small numbers which was just about right to entertain a large number of visitors throughout the event. The species range was small but managed to produce a lot of excitement in adults as well as the children. Tim's challenge for the kids to identify the birds we had caught resulted in many answers but I must admit there was no way I could turn the Tree Sparrow he had into a Toucan as one of them did. So a worthwhile exercise finished around 14.30 with a catch of 23 birds, 15 of which were Tree Sparrows and included 1 retrap that was ringed as a pullus at the Nature Centre in July by Meisha. Thanks go to the staff at the Nature Centre for keeping us well fed and watered as usual.

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