Sunday, 9 May 2010

Holme Pierrepont, Sat 9 May

In the end, the weather was better than predicted and the temperature climbed higher than the last few days, although it was still a bit gusty and the catch was perhaps lower than it could have been. We were greeted by flocks of Swifts which seemed to be around for much of the morning. There was also a Grasshopper Warbler reeling in the elder at the ringing base, although it never reappeared after first light.
We finished on 37 birds, most of which were Reed and Sedge Warblers. Furthermore, we had females of both with brood patches that were virtually scoring 3, so they have not wasted any time. We also caught a control Reed Warbler (proudly presented below by Archie).
We also caught Whitethroat, Blackcap and Willow, several Reed Buntings and a few other regulars.  
The occasional Yellow Wagtail flew over, a few Swallows and a single Sand Martin, some amorous Gadwall, a couple of Oystercatchers and a couple of Buzzards were all noted. A single Cuckoo called a few times. The first Common Blue Damselflies were about, as were good numbers of St Mark's Flies, but bug of the day, without a doubt, was the Green Longhorn Moth (Adela reaumurella). We found a gathering of perhaps 40 of these, dancing up and down in dappled shade, showing off their ridiculous SW radio aerials.

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