Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wales report

We had a great sunny day in Wales, driving out of the miserable weather in Notts. We timed the visit just about right, no birds had fledged and only about 8 boxes remain with small chicks/eggs. We failed to hear Wood Warblers singing, however Tim found a nest and we did catch the male, but unfortunately the chicks were too small to ring. The Pied Flycatcher box occupancy was down, I think, but those that nested generally had good brood sizes.

The totals were:
Pied Flycatcher: 199 pulli ringed, 7 adults ringed, 2 adults retrapped
Redstart: 15 pulli ringed
Wood Warbler - 1 adult ringed
Buzzard - 1 pullus ringed

The two retrap birds were returning pulli from 2005 and 2008.
Meisha ringed the Buzzard - she now has a new favourite bird.
Photos to follow!

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