Monday, 12 July 2010

RSPB Family Fun Weekend at Wollaton Park

We put on a ringing demo for this on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday started hot and sunny, it remained hot but with more cloud into the afternoon. We arrived on site at 0900, the event due to start at 1100. The site we had been given to catch birds was far from ideal but we cleared rides and put up 7 nets, got the 'reception' centre ready and hoped for the best. Surprisingly we never had a net round without catching at least one bird so the public that came to have a look invariably saw at least one bird. Unfortunately the site was off the beaten track and the number of visitors would best be described as a trickle. By the time we took down we had managed to catch 32 birds, all new. The only thing of note was a Coal Tit that gave Duncan a ringing tick.

Sunday started cooler but sunny and windy. We arrived a little later at 1000 and set up, I then left the team to it and returned at 1600 to help clear up. What a difference a day makes, only 6 birds were caught all day and again only a few visitors.

Still, we did our bit for BTO/RSPB relations and a few kids had their day made by letting some birds go.

Thanks to all involved.


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