Thursday, 5 August 2010

Farewell Rory

Just heard from Rory who has now moved away, but don't feel sorry for him, here's part of his message:

"I have now moved to the Outer Hebrides (Benbecula) so am loving the birding up here at the moment. I saw my first Corncrake yesterday as it happens! But unfortunately I won't be ringing in Notts any longer. I would like to say however, that I thoroughly enjoyed ringing with SNRG and as such have expanded my knowledge greatly (and also shown how limited it is!). So thanks to all for that.

Do you know of any trainers which currently ring on the islands? I am desperate to continue and get my license but havent seen anybody on the BTO website."

If anyone reading this blog can help Rory, let us know please! In the meantime, best of luck Rory. We're not jealous at all...

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