Sunday, 3 October 2010

Recent recoveries

As usual the latest batch of recoveries is dominated by Barn Owls. 5 local recoveries were of chicks ringed last summer and one a bird found 12km from its original location after 2.5 yrs. The star, however, was one of last year's chicks that made it 130km to Suffolk by January 2010 before succumbing and being found. A Collared Dove was found 2.5 years after ringing and an adult male Blackbird ringed at Attenborough hit a window in Beeston the following year. A Belgian ringed Black-headed Gull was 4 years old when found dead in Carlton and a Siskin ringed in Feb 2006 in Clifton was retrapped near Inverness in Jan 201!Over in Wales, a Pied Flycatcher we ringed as an adult female was trapped 6km away the following year.

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