Monday, 11 April 2011

Granby, Sunday 10 April

A bright day (and later on unseasonably hot) with light winds from the south made for a reasonable ringing session at Granby for the time of year. Overall, we handled 56 birds of seven species, including the first Blackcaps ever (four) for Granby.

Yellowhammers were again the dominant species in the catch, making up three fifths of the overall total. All the adult male Yellowhammers had cloacal protuberances, so breeding is starting to happen for them. Amongst the seven Yellowhammer retraps, there were two four year old birds. Probably the Blackcaps were the star birds, but the lack of Blue Tits and Dunnocks was also notable.

Total number of birds processed was 56 (44 new / 12 re-trapped), which is broken down as follows: Blackcap 4/0, Great Tit 1/3, Tree Sparrow 4/0, Chaffinch 7/2, Yellowhammer 25/7, Reed Bunting 1/0.

Sightings wise, there seemed to be warblers passing through consisting of Willow/Chiff & Blackcap.


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