Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shiants match report

Our trip was a great success and rough totals are below. Amongst the 400 plus retraps were: 32 yo Puffin, 33 yo Razorbill & 26 yo Guillemot. There was also the odd control including several Storm Petrels.

A few facts:
  • Excluding Arctics, the ringing totals are highest for Shiants since 1985.
  • Best ever totals for Guillemot & Razorbill by some distance.
  • Our total is the same as the Britain & Ireland total for Razorbills in 2010.
  • Only 1100 Arctic Terns ringed in 2010, and we should expect some good recoveries off the Fladaigh birds.

(click table to enlarge)

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