Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Recent Recoveries

Barn Owls in the latest batch include a 3 year old bird found close to where it was ringed in Laxton, then a 2 year old that moved 32km into Lincs and a 1 year old that wandered much further - 132km to Cambridgeshire.

A Chaffinch ringed at Brack was found nearby a couple of years later, a Goldfinch moved from Clifton to Beeston in 8 months and a Mute Swan moved from RCP to Derbyshire.

Some of you know about the remarkable Kingfisher record  - a bird ringed in 2008 at HPP was seen at Colwick Park by Michael Welsh who read the ring through his telescope! An almost unbelievable feat...

Lastly a fantastic record of a Black-headed Gull ringed at Burnt Stump Landfill in 1987 and found 24yrs later in the Netherlands, 438km away.

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