Monday, 16 January 2012

Rushcliffe Country Park, Sunday 15 January

A cold and frosty start gave us hope that a few more birds might be visiting the feeders than last week. It proved to be much better with more than twice the catch of the previous week, unfortunately many were retraps of recently ringed birds. A new Lesser Redpoll was nice and the oldest retraps we had were a Blue Tit from 2006 and a Robin from 2007. We ended with 57 birds of which 39 were retraps. The full capture list was (new/retrap): Chaffinch 7/5, Blue Tit 1/5, Goldfinch 1/0, Yellowhammer 5/5, Dunnock 0/3, Great Tit 1/11, Blackbird 2/0, Greenfinch 0/1, Lesser Redpoll 1/0, Robin 0/6, Reed Bunting 0/3


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