Thursday, 1 March 2012

Latest Shiants Recoveries

As so many of the Group have been to the Shiants in recent years, I thought you'd be interested in the latest recoveries from the Shiants Auk RG.

We had our first recovery from the hundred plus Shags we've coloured ringed in the last two years. Trouble was it were dead! However, maybe the bright red CR caught the eye of the chap walking his dog on the mainland beach 44 km away. Two Razor pulli were also washed up in Denmark & Holland, having travelled 1131 km and 881 km respectively. Scant reward for having fledged flightless and then swam with their Dad over the top of Scotland and then . . . . According to the Migration Atlas Shiants chicks tend to be found further south in their 1st winter. So a recovery almost into the Baltic, in the case of the Danish Razor, is uncommon. Finally, a 2009 ringed Storm Petrel was controlled on North Rona 141 km to the north (next stop Iceland etc) last July by the Sule Skerry RG. I was on there meself in 2009 when we controlled a Shiants bird that SARG had ringed two weeks previously (too tired to notice at the time).


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