Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Recent recoveries & controls, July 2012

Recent recoveries and controls for the group comprised of a number of different species and locations, quite refreshing to see, as usually it feels like Barn Owls make up the majority of data we get back.

A Barn Owl ringed as a chick at Hawton in June 2011 was found dead 8km away at Normanton in February 2012.

A Blackbird ringed in Arnold in January 2012 was found dead in the same area in March of 2012.

A young Great Spotted Woodpecker ringed at Attenborough in December 2011 unfortunately hit a window in February 2012.

And finally a Kestrel which was ringed as a chick in Shelford back in 2010 had been hit by a car near Cotgrave in May 2012, the happy ending being that after rehabilitation it was set to be released back into the wild.

Control birds this time round included a Lesser Redpoll ringed as a young bird at Bestwood in October 2011 which was controlled in Kent, in January 2012 after travelling 247km.

A young Yellowhammer from Lincolnshire, ringed in December 2010 was picked up at Rushcliffe Country Park in Feb 2012 after travelling 79km.

A Goldfinch ringed at Darlton, Nottingham back in April 2010 was controlled at The Meadows, Nottingham in February 2012 after travelling 41km.

Finally a Tree Sparrow did a fair bit of moving from where it was initially ringed at Spurn Bird Observatory in October 2011 to where it was controlled 108km away at Bestwood, Nottingham in February 2012.


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