Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Recent Recoveries

An nice selection this time round with a Willow Warbler ringed in April 2009 at Wanlip, Leicestershire which was controlled at Holme Pierrepont in May of this year along with a Sedge Warbler originally ringed in August 2011 at Grantham sewage works.

An interesting 'local' Goldfinch ringed in December 2011 at Cropwell Bishop by Ian Kirton flew into Pete's patio windows at Harby in May this year; obviously this bird had the BTO ringing scheme in mind when it expired, almost a door-to-door delivery from one ringer to another!

It was also pleasant to see so many Barn Owl controls, seven in total, all ringed as chicks from 2007, 2009 and 2011, ranging from boxes in Newark, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire, with the majority controlled during May and June of this year. The average distance travelled from place of hatching lis between 30km and 40km, giving a fair idea of dispersal, with the furtherst distance travelled being 60km from one bird which moved from Lincolnshire to Muston in Leicestershire.

Two birds were found dead close to the site where they were ringed by SNRG with a Brack House Sparrow which was ringed as a chick this July which was discovered seven days later and an Attenborough Chaffinch ringed in October 2011 which hit a window in May this this year.

Ian B

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