Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cormorant recovery

One of the Cormorant chicks ringed at Attenborough earlier this year has been recovered. It was found dead in August 82km away in Notton, West Yorkshire.

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  1. Movements of our inland Cormorants is more like the continental race sinensis, who migrate further from their colonies in winter than the nominate carbo (our coastal breeders), but there is a DNA mix of them inland. 75% of inland birds stay in Britain, but there are many recoveries/resightings in mainland Europe (90% less than 3 years old). A study at Abberton, Essex, found that within 2 months juveniles were an average of 100 km from colony, and next season onwards they tended to be found closer to colony. Our recovery fits quite well with all that. Source: The Migration Atlas.
    Colour ringing should provide more info on this as most information seems to be from Abberton (though there was also Besthorpe in the past).