Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lesser Redpoll Movements

Regular readers of this blog may be aware that several Lesser Redpolls ringed in Bestwood (during the Autumn/Winter months of September to February in 2010 - 2013) have been retrapped elsewhere in the UK. Whilst 5 movements from 260 birds ringed is a small sample, there appears to be a general south/south-easterly bias to the movements.

  • Y075574 ringed on 7/10/2011, retrapped in Surrey on 10/3/2012 after 155 days and 208Km
  • Y075613 ringed on 13/10/2011, retrapped in Kent on 23/1/2012 after 102 days and 247Km
  • Y754233 ringed on 13/10/2012, retrapped in Bedfordshire on 28/10/2012 after 15 days and 113Km
  • Y754238 ringed on 13/10/2012, retrapped in Surrey on 2/1/2013 after 81 days and 202Km
  • Y754334 ringed on 30/11/2012, retrapped in Nottinghamshire on 9/1/2013 after 40 days and 19Km
It's not all been one way traffic though as one bird retrapped at Bestwood on 10/11/2012 had originally been ringed in East Sussex on the 20/10/2011 after 387 days and 269km.

Mick P

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