Saturday, 5 April 2014

Update for Brackenhurst & Granby ringing efforts

Just a quick summary of recent visits to the feeding sites at Brack and Granby. They've been characterised by low catches due (I guess) to the unseasonably mild and windy weather we've been experiencing, perhaps combined with poor breeding over the last year or so. Certainly Yellowhammer totals will be down by a third this year. Positives have been:
  • Ringing early migrant Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler. 1st April could be the earliest date the Group has marked this species?
  • Clearly all the Great Tits are settled on their territories as all 24 birds were ringed!
  • Nice to ring what appears to be resident pair of Treecreepers at Granby.
  • Time at Granby for Gary and I to burn some more of the brash, helping the Grizzled Skippers.
  • Getting back into ageing Chiffs with three in the hand together.
Totals for individual species (ringed/retrapped):

Granby, Wednesday 19 March
38 (23/15): Chaffinch 7/0, Great Tit 0/9, Robin 0/2, Tree Sparrow 1/0, Treecreeper 1/0, Yellowhammer 14/4

Brackenhurst, Saturday 29 March
21(12/9): Blue Tit 0/2, Chaffinch 3/0, Chiffchaff 3/0, Dunnock 1/1, Great Spotted Woodpecker 1/0, Great Tit 0/6, Robin 1/0, Yellowhammer 3/0

Granby, Tuesday 1 April
27(10/17): Blue Tit 0/3, Chaffinch 1/3, Great Tit 0/9, Reed Bunting 2/0, Robin 1/0, Tree Sparrow 1/0, Treecreeper 1/0, Willow Warbler 1/0, Wren 0/1, Yellowhammer 4/0


A gloomy start at Granby on 1 April. (JL)
One of a pair of Treecreepers that appear to be resident at Granby. (JL)
Cowslips out at Granby. (JL)
An early Willow Warbler at Granby. (TS)
Getting rid of all the scrub that's been cleared to help Grizzled Skippers. (JL)
An adult Great Tit at Granby on 1 April showing well marked primary coverts and alula. (JL)
A first winter Great Tit at Granby on 1 April showing worn primary coverts and large alula feather with fault bars running through them. (JL)
 A young male Great Spotted Woodpecker at Brackenhurst. (JL)

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