Friday, 30 May 2014

Clifton Grove and Barton under threat again!

The Clifton Grove and Brandshill area of the Trent Valley is one of the county's great wildlife hotspots, and once again it appears to be under threat. The Council are planning extensive sand and gravel extraction across a large area of a site which hosts a numbers of resident red-listed bird species that are of high conservation concern: Grey Partridge, Lesser-spotted Woodpecker, Skylark, Song Thrush, Marsh Tit, Starling, Linnet, Reed Bunting and the Corn Bunting.

It is also a key stop-off point for migrants such as Ring Ouzel, Wheatear, Short-eared Owl, Hobby and Whinchat and a large cast of migrant waders.

There are also a host of Little Owl nest boxes which myself and Rob monitor yearly, which also fall into this zone.

Please voice your concerns wherever possible. The Clifton Pastures area has been very badly effected by the tram and A453 developments as of late and now the proposed activity at Barton looks set to bring further upset.

Check out Rob Hoare's fantastic Clifton Grove Birds website for further information:


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