Monday, 8 December 2014

Recent Recoveries

The interesting recoveries continue, as a first winter female Chaffinch ringed at Brackenhurst in March 2010 was seen knocking about the Netherlands in October this year. That's a movement of 361km, 4.5 years after ringing. The ring was read in the field, which is quite an achievement considering the size of an A-ring and demonstrates the importance of placing the ring so it can be read in the field, no matter what size it is!

And a Tawny Owl that was ringed as a chick in Plungar 9 years ago, in May 2005, was picked up sick or injured in nearby Orston in November this year. See the earlier blog post for further information

Other recoveries are as follows -

4 ill-fated Barn Owls first:
  • a bird originally ringed as a pullus in June this year in Upper Broughton was found dead 8km away in a building in Wymeswold 4 months later
  • a bird ringed in June this year as a pullus in Moorgreen, was killed on the roads around Lincoln 5 months later having travelled over 50km
  • one ringed in Shelton this June as a pullus was found just 4km away in Hawksworth in August, having been partially eaten
  • and another June bird, ringed as a pullus in Muston, Leics, was found dead 3 months later, 31km away in Beeston, another road casualty
Then a Tawny Owl that was ringed as a pullus in May this year was found dead in nearby Norwell Woodhouse, in October.

Birds we have controlled are as follows:

A Barn Owl originally ringed as a chick by North Notts RG in Edingley in June 2013 was found dead 10km away in Caunton in February this year.

A Little Owl ringed in June 2013 as a chick in Hoby, Leics, was controlled by us in Tithby, 17km away in May this year.

And a Kestrel ringed in July 2011 as a pullus by Sorby Breck in Pilsley, Derbyshire, was found without its head in an owl box in Lowdham, in June this year, having travelled, one way or another, 30km from its birthplace.


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