Friday, 2 January 2015

Granby, Friday 26 December

Ewan, Emma and I took advantage of a drop in the wind to have a morning at the Granby feeders on Boxing Day. We managed 57 birds, two-thirds of which were tits and nearly all those were retraps. It was surprising not to catch any Yellowhammers at this time of year at all.

Capture totals were (new/retraps) 57(22/25): Blue Tit 3/17, Chaffinch 6/2, Dunnock 2/1, Great Tit 1/12, Long-tailed Tit 4/0, Redwing 2/0, Robin 0/2, Tree Sparrow 4/0, Wren 0/1.

Most of the retraps were from this and last winter, but we did have a 2010/11 Blue Tit, 2011/12 Great Tit & Chaffinch and a 2012/13 Great Tit.


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