Monday, 1 June 2015

Recent Recoveries

The latest few batches of recoveries come as a bit of a mixed bag, with several species ringed by the group being represented.

Firstly, two Barn Owls. One was ringed at Clifton Wood as a nestling in September last year and found dead nearby at Burrows Farm in April this year. The other Barn Owl travelled a little further, being found dead as a road casualty in Cambridgeshire in April, 81km from where it was ringed as a chick in Elton in June last year.

An Attenborough-born Grey Heron, colour-ringed in June 2013 was re-sighted at Carsington Water in Derbyshire recently. It's encouraging to get some resightings of these colour-ringed birds, generating some useful data from this relatively new project for the group.

A Sparrowhawk which was caught as Jim was setting the nets in preparation for the Winter Thrush sessions in Flintham Orchard in December last year, was found dead in the village in May this year, supposedly caught by an animal...

A Whitethroat, ringed as a 3J at Holme Pierrepont in Aaugust 2014, was found dead in May this year the other side of Nottingham, in Bulwell. It goes to show that these young birds do sometimes show a preference for the area in which they were raised, as this one would have made the journey to Africa and back and was found not too far from where it was ringed.

A Jackdaw ringed as a nestling in Calverton in May last year met its end against some overhead wires in Bestwood, where it was found freshly dead in May this year.

And the latest recovery comes in the form of a Little Owl, found dead in Ruddington in May this year. It was ringed nearby in Keyworth as a chick in May last year.


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