Sunday, 9 August 2015

Hobbies, Thurs 6 August

As we approach the end of a very disappointing season for owls and kestrels, it was good to find two healthy Hobby chicks to ring in the Vale of Belvoir. Interestingly they were in the same nest as last year and the structure seemed to have grown.

Mick P climbed expertly as ever and with a bit of an audience. As well as Jim and myself, my family came along and so did some friends who happen to be the local farming family.

As soon as Mick removed the first chick from the nest and it screeched, both parents appeared and began to circle. We ringed and processed them swiftly and one was considerably larger (and noisier) than the other and we guessed it might be a female and the smaller (quieter) bird a male.

As Mick pulled the chicks up we began watching the beautiful adults again and suddenly a third adult appeared close by. One of the local adults began to pursue it and then a fourth adult appeared! Presumably this was a neighbouring pair that had heard the calls and come to investigate; once again hinting at how these elusive birds are probably more common than we realise.


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