Thursday, 21 January 2016

Recent recoveries

3 Barn Owl recoveries have come in recently:

- a bird found dead on 7 November in South Muskham had originally been ringed at the nest in Caunton on 8 September
- a bird found injured in Radcliffe-on-Trent on 8 December had been ringed at the nest nearby in Cropwell Bishop in September (unfortunately it was too badly injured and was not released from the vets)
- a bird ringed at the nest in Hathern in September 2014 was found dead on the A6 near Loughborough

A Kestrel, ringed at the nest near Keyworth in June 2015 was found dead in Ashover, Derbyshire on New Year's Day, a movement of over 40km.

A Canada Goose, ringed as part of the University of Nottingham project at Highfields Park, was found near Trent Bridge in the city, where the metal ring was read (by me!) on 17 October 2015. It was originally ringed in June 2011, and was also fitted with a Colour ring, but this appears to have gone.

A Robin, ringed as a 3J near at Ramsdale Park Golf Club in August 2015, was taken by a cat in nearby Calverton on 15 January.

Three Lesser Redpoll (a species often controlled by ringing groups) have been controlled by us:

- a bird ringed at Chobham Common in Surrey in March 2014 was controlled at Bestwood in November (642 days, 190km)
- a bird ringed at Dalchork, Highlands in September 2014 was controlled at Shelton in December (480 days, 607km)
- a bird ringed at Watchtree Nature reserve in Cumbria in July 2015 was controlled at Ramsdale Golf Club in December (136 days, 241km)


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