Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Recent Recoveries

As usual, Barn Owls feature most heavily in the latest batch of recoveries, which have been coming in relatively slowly of late.

The first, a bird ringed as a youngster at the nest in Allington, July 2013, was found dead in Old Dalby, in February this year.

Another bird ringed at the nest in Hathern in June 2014, was killed on the roads, being found near Thrussington, also in February.

The last was an adult bird, ringed in June last year in Norwell Woodhouse. It was found dead as another road casualty, on the 18 March.

A Sparrowhawk, mist-netted at Granby in February 2015, was found dead in nearby Barnstone, this February.

One of the 2013 Attenborough Cormorant nestlings has had its colour ring read at Potteric Carr, Doncaster, on 12 March. This bird has also been seen twice at Lound in north Notts since it was ringed.

Finally, a brace of Blackbirds have been reported to us this March, within a day of one another, both taken by cats. One, a female, was found in Radcliffe-on-Trent, after being ringed as a juvenile at Holme Pierrepont in August 2013. The other, a male, was found in Beeston, after being ringed as a first year bird, in May 2015 at Attenborough. Perhaps these birds were heading into gardens to breed.


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