Tuesday, 26 April 2016


It was a mad dash through Nottingham's rush hour traffic after work to meet up with a team led by Gary and Mick (and also including Geoff White and Linda Lowndes) to ring some Raven pulli for North Notts Ringing Group.

It was touch and go whether we would be able to ring the birds as the April sunshine had turned to unseasonal cold winds and heavy rain was forecast. But, in no time at all the climber had assembled his kit and begun to approach the nest. The parent birds kept a close eye on proceedings and bar the occasional 'caw' remained calm.

The birds were soon safely out of the nest and passed to the ringers. All three had metal rings fitted to their right legs and colour rings to their left. It was real privilege to see such a mighty bird in the hand and to see some characteristics that you can’t appreciate through binoculars or telescope such as the milky eye (reminiscent of Jackdaw) or the glossy hue on the mantle. Within a matter of minutes all three chicks were processed, photographed and back in the nest.

Many thanks to Mick and Gary and North Notts Ringing Group for the opportunity. It’s certainly not a bird I ever thought that I would have the privilege to ring, but as they continue to spread slowly, perhaps we will find ourselves ringing a few more.


 Raven pulli (G. Goddard)

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