Monday, 27 June 2016

Stanford Buzzards, 21 June

Today, I joined Kev to ring some Buzzard chicks at a traditional nest site near Stanford. David Stock,  who used to work at Stanford Hall, has been finding nests and arranging for us to ring the chicks at the site for 10 years, with Buzzards being ringed there every year since 2008 (except for 2011).

Having climbed to the nest, I looked in to see two healthy chicks and a toad. The toad was alive and apparently uninjured, though it was very cold to the touch and not very active. This made me wonder if an adult had delivered it alive in order for the chicks to practice their predatory skills. I did have a conflict of conscience over whether to leave the toad to its fate or to return it to ground level. In the end I decided not to interfere with nature and leave the buzzards their meal.

Mick P

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