Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Recent recoveries

A number of Barn Owl recoveries have been coming through in the past couple of months. Howard Broughton of the Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project and SNRG has reported a few of the group's ringed birds, caught elsewhere in the county:

- A bird ringed at the nest in Gotham, in June 2014 was recaptured at a box in Ruddington this July.

- A bird ringed as a youngster in Screveton, in May 2014 was retrapped at Langar in September this year.

- A 1st year bird ringed at Greasley in May last year, was recaptured in Moorgreen in July.

- And a bird recaptured by Howard in Widmerpool this June, had been ringed two years previously, in June 2014 as a youngster, in Hickling.

Several other Barn Owl recoveries have come in:

- A bird ringed in Baston Fen, Lincolnshire in September 2014 was retrapped in Hockerton in June this year.

- A bird ringed as a chick at a box in Hoveringham, was found dead on the road in Lowdham in October this year, 4 months after it was ringed.

- A North Notts ringed bird has been retrapped in Kersall this August. It had originally been ringed as a youngster in June 2014.

- A bird ringed in 2011 in Muston is still going strong, retrapped this year in Denton.

- A bird found dead on the roads near Laxton, Newark at the end of November, had originally been ringed as an adult in Swinderby in May

- And finally, a bird ringed as a chick in Caunton in June 2014 has been found dead in the same village, earlier this month.

A few other recoveries have also come our way.

One of the Attenborough Grey Herons ringed as a chick in May last year, is still residing at the reserve, having been seen by SNRG member Pete Stanyon on site at the end of November.

A Cormorant ringed at the same site, in August this year, hasn't decided to stick around, and has been noted at Little Baddow in Essex.

More unfortunate road casualties - a Kestrel, ringed in Bassingfield, in May 2015, was found dead near Spalding in August, while a bird ringed as a chick at Brackenhurst in June 2014 was killed on the roads near Heanor. Both reasonable movements.

Two Sparrowhawks met a similar fate, with a bird ringed at the nest in Rempstone in July this year, being killed on the road at Stanford-on-soar on a few months later. Another one was killed on the roads near Sutton-in-Ashfield, having been ringed as a chick in Hucknall in June this year.

And finally, more interesting but still unfortunate for the bird in question, a Woodcock which was ringed as a 1st year bird in Watnall in November 2012, has been shot in Paj-de-calais, France. It met its end on the 27th November this year.


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