Friday, 30 March 2018


Last winter I began trying to target ducks, particularly Wigeon as it is a BTO priority species, at a site in Shelford.

It’s been very disappointing with very little success, but of the two Wigeon ringed last winter, I have retrapped one of them this winter. This gives an indication of site fidelity (and longevity I guess) but it was also a great opportunity to compare plumage, though male Wigeon are probably one of the easiest ducks to age on plumage.

FS03176 was ringed in February 2017 and aged and sexed as a first winter male. This bird was retrapped in December 2017 and so is obviously in its second winter. The pictures below show some of the plumage differences.

I had been inspired by an article in the Lifecycle magazine about catching ducks in a static trap with a funnel entrance. I had hoped it would be more of a success allowing other group members to attend, but it’s still a work in progress! My totals over two winters are Mallard 9 (3), Wigeon 4 (1), Moorhen 3.

Mick P

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