Monday, 17 January 2011

A few more Waxwings...

Following a last minute sighting and agreement from the householder, I managed to catch 5 Waxwings in Hucknall this morning. 

I'd watched them yesterday lunchtime to see where they were feeding and flying off to etc, so this morning I put up a 6m net on the front garden and a flock of c.60 descended into the (now almost bare) ornamental rowan. At times there were approx 25 birds feeding on the berries on the floor but I couldnt twinkle them into my net, they flew past me back into a tree. I hastily repositioned the net resulting in a catch of 4 and one more a little later on.

Many thanks to the house owner for permission. They had the privilege of watching up to 100 Waxwings in their front garden yesterday afternoon!

Mick P

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