Saturday, 8 January 2011

More on Granby, Thursday 30 December

Sorry this is a bit late - just had lots on!

Things looked good for the ringing, what with the snow just gone and it being still and overcast, and so it turned out with 121 birds processed. With the good conditions we put some more nets along the track, this and the apples I'd put down improved the thrush catch. The tits seem to be holding out well here with most Blue Tits, for example, weighing more than 11 gm. At 39 new birds, this was easily the best Yellowhammer catch of the winter so far, but it was surprising there was no retraps even considering there had been no ringing here last winter. The most notable retrap was a five year old male Chaffinch, which has been caught every winter at the site.

Just for the record the species ringing total were (new/retraps): Dunnock 2/2, Robin 4/3, Blackbird 7/0, Fieldfare 2/0, Blue Tit 6/19, Great Tit 3/13, Tree Sparrow 8/0, Chaffinch 9/3; Bullfinch 1/0, Yellowhammer 39/0.

Thanks to Ewan for the pics.


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