Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dunham-on-Trent, Sunday 19 February

Mick and I wore our North Notts RG hats today, and went cannon-netting Wigeon near the Trent at Dunham. Adrian & Jez Blackburn fired at first light before the Greylags pushed the less than expected Wigeon off the bait in the catching area. Catch was two Greylag Geese, 24 Wigeon (two retraps) and one Carrion Crow. Four of the Wigeon were fitted with wing tags which should help to find out more about their winter movements. We caught about half the Wigeon present, which is a good ratio, but there had been 100 plus when we were setting the nets yesterday.

 6M Wigeon being fitted with it's wing tag.(JL)

The less glamorous side of ringing - cleaning the brash out of the cannon nets when putting them away. (JL)

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