Friday, 17 February 2012


This was recently posted in the Nest Record Scheme forum:

"A couple of interesting figures I've just pulled out for the next Nest Record News: over 300 new recorders have started sending in records since 2008 and these recorders alone have submitted over 7,000 nest records so far for the 2011 season (overall total 37,252 records).

I think that's fantastic news and it makes me all the more pleased to announce that four more nest finding training courses are available this summer. Details are now on the web:

The courses are aimed at both new and established ringers/recorders wanting to improve their nest finding skills. If you know anyone who might like to attend a course, please pass the message on.

A big thanks to recorders Richard Castell, Tony Davis and David Oliver for agreeing to tutor the courses once more.

Carl Barimore
Nest Record Scheme"

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