Sunday, 21 July 2013

Big Box Update

Now up to 9 Barn Owl pulli ringed this year, with 6 of those from Flintham including this healthy brood of four. Around here and by Bottesford they are having some breeding success, whereas north of the Trent is looking very poor for them. By this stage last year, I'd ringed 58 Barn Owl pulli!

Two well grown female Barn Owl pulli near Bottesford.

Kestrels seem to be having a very late, but average breeding season with last year's total of 40 pulli ringed just passed. This brood seemed to be asynchronous which is not the norm.

Harder to say how the Little Owls are doing. They've been reported to be doing okay in Lincs (mainly in boxes), but I've a brood of two and three broods of one to ring, plus a failure at egg stage which suggests they're not having a great season in south Notts. This is one of the singleton broods at Brackenhurst.


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