Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Recent Recoveries

A Magpie chick ringed at Toton in May 2012 was found dead in Long Eaton in May 2013.
A Barn Owl chick ringed at Normanton in August 2012 was found dead in a water trough near Wysall in May 2013.
A young Waxwing ringed at Clifton in January 2013 was found dead with a companion at Stockport in April 2013, looks to have been a road casualty.
A young House Sparrow ringed at Hucknall in July 2012 was found dead at the same site in June 2013.
A young Coal Tit ringed at Hucknall in February 2013 suffered the same fate and was discovered in May 2013.
On a more positive note, however, a Barn Owl chick ringed at Muston in August 2012 was discovered with a broken wing at Sutton Bonington in April 2013 and was rehabilitated and released later in July 2013.


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