Friday, 31 July 2015

Farewell Chris

In a few days, Chris Southall is off to live on Arran where his brother also lives. Chris has been a member of the group for a very long time and is responsible for many interesting captures and some very good recoveries. Chris is an excellent nest-finder and has also notched up some impressive totals in his back garden (look at the number of Waxwings he managed a few years ago...) but perhaps the habitat that most of us will know him from best is Holme Pierrepont. Chris has targeted waterbirds there for many years now and in recent years he has had particular success with Lapwing, Common and Jack Snipe and Woodcock. His patience and perseverance was also paid off here

Best of luck Chris! No doubt the birds of Arran will be queuing up for jewellery.

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