Monday, 27 July 2015

Ramsdale Park Golf Centre, Tuesday 14 July

Late last winter I was contacted by the general manager of the Ramsdale Park Golf Centre in Calverton. Mick P and I went to see him and he was interested in us doing some ringing there and possibly erecting nest boxes. We said we would do a survey visit in the spring but unfortunately we did not get round to it then, so Mick and I went to do an evening ringing session to see what was about.

Not expecting much we set 5 x 18m nets in a line in a small area of scrub and another 3 nets away from the scrub. Conditions were perfect with zero wind and overcast skies. We were surprised by the catch, almost all of them from the scrub area and we finished on 49 birds, 35 of which were warblers, 20 of them Chiffchaffs.

The full totals were (all new): Blackbird 5, Robin 2, Dunnock 1, Wren 2, Lesser Whitethroat 2, Whitethroat 1, Blackcap 6, Garden Warbler 2, Willow Warbler 4, Chiffchaff 20, Blue Tit 2, Goldfinch 1, Linnet 1.

Not surprisingly we are going to give it another go next week but plan to do a morning session. Towards the end of the session we heard a Grasshopper Warbler singing and there were a decent number of Siskins calling.


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