Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ramsdale Park Golf Club, Friday 27 May

We held the first ringing session of the year at Ramsdale this morning. The weather was good with little wind and clear skies. The team consisted of Gary, Duncan and myself. The catch was quite slow throughout the morning and the number of warblers caught and heard singing was disappointing considering the numbers caught there last year. However, last year's visits did not start until after the first juvenile warblers were on the wing.

Total catch was (new/retrap) 29/6 made up of: Blackbird 4/0, Song Thrush 1/0, Dunnock 3/1, Wren 2/0, Robin 4/1, Blackcap 2/0, Garden Warbler 3/1, Whitethroat 3/0, Lesser Whitethroat 1/0, Chiffchaff 2/0, Willow Warbler 1/1, Bullfinch 2/2, Linnet 1/0. As would be expected the retraps were all from last year. A Tawny Owl was heard calling during the morning over towards the site of the Barn Owl box!


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