Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Recent Recoveries

A bit of a bumper recovery round-up this time, and not dominated by Barn Owls for once!

Firstly, a spate of Mute Swan recoveries seem to have come in. One was a bird ringed in Cossall by SNRG in 2010, which has been resighted at Ilkeston in March this year. The other 6 recoveries also involve birds noted throughout Ilkeston in March, but they had all been ringed in the town about 2 weeks previously!

Otherwise, a Black-headed gull that I have noted (see photo below), which seems to spend its winters at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, has been reported through the group, and was ringed originally in Norway, in 2013, marked with a white darvic (J8TN). I first noted this bird in January 2014, and again in October 2015. In between times it has returned to where it was ringed to breed. It was originally ringed as an 8, so may have done the trip from Norway to Notts several times now.

A couple of Barn Owls made it onto the round-up. One, a bird ringed as a chick in Farndon in 2009, was found without its head in April this year. Another has been found dead in Norwell, after being ringed as an adult in nearby Bathley in 2014.

A Tawny owl, ringed in Plungar in 2005, was found nearby in Orston, in November 2014. It was found sick and unfortunately died in captivity.

And we have had some decent Passerine recoveries:

Jim conducted a New Year's Day ringing session this year in his garden, and caught 2 controls. One, a Redpoll, was originally ringed in September 2014 in the Highlands, and the other was a Goldfinch, ringed in July 2014 in Lanarkshire.

A male Chaffinch, ringed at Granby in November 2012, fell foul of a window in nearby Whatton this year, presumably a local bird. A Yellowhammer met the same fate in Morton on 3 May, after being ringed nearby at Brackenhurst only a few months ago on 20 January.

And a Siskin, ringed at Ramsdale Golf Club in August last year, has been controlled by ringers in Norfolk at Wicken at the beginning of April.


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