Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Attenborough breeding birds, Thursday 21 July

Phil, Pete S, Mick P and I had another session catching Sand Martins at the Attenborough colony today. We caught 19 Sand Martins, all but 1 were adults and 8 were recaptures – of these 8 there were:
  • 1 of this year's pulli
  • 2 of last year's pulli
  • 2 adults ringed earlier this year
  • 1 was a bird originally ringed at Newthorpe Sewage Farm by Mick in 2014 as a juvenile
  • 1 British control.
  • 1 French control.
Pete S, Mick P and I, along with a Trust volunteer then went to check on the Cormorant nests and the Tern platforms, this resulted in the following being ringed:
  • 2 Cormorant pulli, 
  • 1 Black-headed Gull pullus on Coneries Pond
  • 19 Common Tern pulli on Main Pond

At least 3 other Cormorant nests still had eggs that were being incubated.


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