Monday, 4 July 2016

Recent Recoveries

Just two Barn Owl recoveries this time round, with a bird ringed at the nest in Gotham in June 2014 being found up near Doncaster in February this year as a road casualty on the M1. Another bird killed on the roads was found in Norwell at the end of June. This bird had originally been ringed as a juvenile, in nearby Caunton, in October 2008.

A good scattering of passerine recoveries have come through:

A Robin, ringed during the CES at Attenborough in 2015, was taken by a cat in Beeston in May. A Chaffinch met the same fate in Lowdham at the end of June, having originally been ringed in January 2015 at Brackenhurst.

Another CES bird, a Bullfinch, ringed in June 2015, also met its end in Beeston, flying into a window in June this year.

In more positive news, a Great tit, ringed in Jim's garden in Sibthorpe on New Year's day, has been seen attending a nest of 7 young in the village, on a nest-cam.

A Chiffchaff, ringed at Holme Pierrepont in August 2015, was controlled by ringers at Spurn in April this year.

A Reed Warbler from Holme Pierrepont, ringed in July 2014, has also been controlled recently, being trapped at Marsh Lane NR in the West Midlands at the end of May.

A Goldfinch, originally ringed in October 2015, in Menston, W Yorks, was controlled by the group at Shelton in January.

A Mute Swan had its colour rings read at Attenborough at the end of April, and had originally been ringed in 2010 by Sorby Breck ringers in Markeaton, Derbys.

Finally a couple of old records...

An Oystercatcher, ringed by the group on a trip to the Loch of Mey in 1988, has been resighted in Norway, 28 years later, a decent recovery, but still 12 years off the longevity record!

A Grey Heron, ringed in 1992 as a chick in the now-defunct Heronry at Branshill Wood over the river from Attenborough, has been found dead in floodwater on the River Soar in Leicestershire this May. This does break the longevity record at a little over 24 years.


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