Sunday, 3 October 2021

Late season Barn Owl news

Lewis and I checked a few boxes towards the end of September for outcomes and possible second breeding attempts. In one Kirklington box we found a bird of the year (that probably fledged in July) seemingly paired up with a male. It had been ringed on Mansey Common in June 11 km away.  

On the same day we ringed 10 chicks from 3 late broods. One of these had a one-eyed female that had both eyes when ringed with her chicks less than a kilometre away in May. 

We also had a brood of 6 very small chicks at Barkestone-le-Vale that should fledge in November - weather allowing. On the downside, two clutches had been abandoned as is often the case with late barn Owl breeding.


Chicks of the one-eyed mother (Lewis Aaron)

 Releasing a male caught near Southwell. There are two boxes 75m apart here and we suspect he had fathered broods in both. (Lewis Aaron)