Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Granby, Sunday 22 April

Duncan, Jim, Ruth, Tina and myself made the fifteenth and final visit to Granby this weekend, following a week of mixed weather showers and the occasional gust of wind kept us on our toes but we managed to keep the nets open for a steady enough catch.

34 birds were processed, highlights included the second ever Chiffchaff ringed  and a retrap Chaffinch from 2005. Tina also managed to perfect her woodpecker-handling skills with a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

We also wondered if the lack of female Chaffinches during the session suggested that maybe they were sitting on nests.

So as we close the site down for the season it'll be interesting to see just how much progress the badgers will have made by the time we next visit for winter 2012/13!

Full catch numbers were 13/21 (new/retrap): Great Spotted Woodpecker 1/1, Wren 1/0, Willow Warbler 1/0, Chiffchaff 1/0, Blackcap 2/0, Great Tit 0/10, Tree Sparrow 0/2, Chaffinch 3/3, Yelllowhammer 4/4, Reed Bunting 0/1.

Ian B

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