Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Recent Recoveries

A real mixed bag of recoveries this week from the BTO, interestingly February 2011 appeared to be a month during which many birds expired; a Shelton Barn Owl chick from September 2011 found at Bottesford, a Bestwood juvenile Robin from June 2011 found at Hucknall, an Attenborough adult Blue Tit from June 2009 found close by and a Holme Pierrepont Reed Bunting from October 2011 found at West Bridgeford. Another dead bird was a Jackdaw, ringed as a chick in Fiskerton in 2009 which was shot in Flintham at the start of 2011.

Other birds were recorded very much alive and kicking; a Kestrel ringed as a chick in Scarrington in May 2010 was discovered at a nest box at Hoveringham in June 2011 and a Girton Barn Owl from September 2010 also present at a nest box at Sutton-on-Trent in June 2011. Other birds included a young Goldfinch from Rushcliffe Country Park in November 2011 which found its way to Cropwell Bishop in December 2011 and a Whitethroat ringed as a juvenile at Bestwood in August 2010 which turned up in Surrey in April 2011 (where it was caught by an old ringing mate of Pete's).

Birds which we controlled from elsewhere were; a juvenile Meadow Pipit ringed on the Scottish Borders in August 2011 which was controlled at Hucknall later in November of that year and a Tree Sparrow which was ringed as a chick in Derbyshire in May 2011 which made its way to Attenborough in December of that year.


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