Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tawny Owls

Adrian and I fared much better with the breeding Tawny Owls in east Lincs than I had with them in mid-Notts. In 80 boxes there we found 26 occupied with only two desertions. This looks to be a pretty good breeding season for them over there and we're looking to return there on 5 May to hopefully ring a good few chicks. Highlight for me was handling 13 adult females that were on chicks, and trying to get to grips with their moult and hence ageing them. Most of the Tawnies had at least three generations of flight feathers and were, therefore, at least three years old as they won't moult this year til they've done breeding. Interestingly, out of these and the Notts birds we've only seen one first summer (age 5) and two second summer (age 7) female adults so far. Here three pics of age 8 female Tawny Owls.

 (all JL)

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the first summer bird but the following is a second summer female (7F) with two generations of feathers.


And finally a couple of pics of the mother and chicks from a new box at Averham. No pics though of the immensely proud landowner.



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  1. Nice Tawny moult pics, your 2nd-sum is quite similar to one I recovered this week in East Lothian: