Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Box-checking, Monday 20 May

Ian and I spent a very pleasant evening checking a handful of boxes in the Vale last night. A roosting Barn Owl in the first, a mum and two chicks in the second, Barn Owl pellets in the third (a box that has only ever had Stock Dove before), Stock Dove on two eggs in the fourth and a bit of a surprise in the last as I reached in and pulled out something a fraction of the size I was expecting. These four Little Owl chicks were in the box in the paddock where we keep our horse and I knew they were around, but assumed they had a perfectly good natural site. The box has only been up 4 years and in that time it's had Barn Owls twice, one blank year and now these!

And on top of that we saw a good selection of other species like Grey Partridge and Yellow Wagtail, my first Azure Damselfly of the year and a purring Turtle Dove which had us both bouncing out of the car just as we were about to leave one site.


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