Sunday, 27 May 2012

Box-checking, Sunday 27 May

Managed to check another 15 large boxes today, mostly Kestrel and a couple of Barn Owl. Of these 2 had old Jackdaw nests from which the young appeared to have fledged and one had 4 nestling Jackdaws in. 2 had Stock Dove eggs. Five were occupied by Kestrels at a variety of stages from eggs (a clutch of 4 and a clutch of 5) to tiny young (another 4 and 5) and one had 5 ringable young. So good occupancy and good sized broods.


A typical Jackdaw nest, overflowing with twigs. (PML)

 Its four occupants. (PML)

Kestrels at various stages. (PML)

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