Friday, 11 May 2012

Long-eared Owls

Jim and I recently followed up a lead on some Long-eared Owls near Newark. On arrival the habitat looked distinctly unremarkable and until I saw a nest with my own eyes, I couldn't quite believe it was all genuine. In actual fact, there were two pairs, fairly close together, both in old corvid nests and both in medium height hawthorns in the same rather scruffy hedgerow.

The first nest held a single chick which was easy to reach and mum appeared quickly on the scene having obviously been in a roost spot very close. She treated us to some fantastic views as she watched our brief intrusion (which I failed to do justice to with my pocket camera).

On the second nest a female sat tight, revealing herself with her long ears...


Whilst wandering about in the area, we also noted a singing Gropper, a Hobby, 2 Wheatears, the odd Sand Martin and Yellow Wagtail and as the light faded a Roe buck almost walked into us. 


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  1. Wonderf see these birds breeding successfully in the area!